Chinese Delegation Visited Kladrubce

On Thursday, 02.08.2018, a foreign delegation of 18 representatives of the largest Chinese companies which are active in the field of wood processing, packing industry and logistics, visited the company KLAUS Timber a.s.

A member of the group was even the Secretary-General of China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing Sun Xijun. The delegation accepted the invitation of the Director of Foreign Trade Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. The Chinese visit was aimed to seek potential suppliers of the timber and pallets, as well as to become familiar, in particular, with the methods of automated production in the field of packing industry. In the Czech Republic the delegation visited several timber processors, and then the group continued further to visit Austria. In our company, we introduced them the entire company using our presentation, and subsequently the delegation was taken around our production premises in Kladrubce. As the most attractive was perceived Holtec crosscut saw, as well as production automation, and the cleanliness of entire production premises. As a present, we were given a set of pen and decoration which symbolize significant creatures of the Chinese Opera, and which was packed in a bag with a bird-motif embroidery representing the longevity and good health. 

Photo: Dušan Skala, Jana Jiřincová

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