2,6 mil

Total mileage per one year



2,6 mil

From the truck operation per one year in Euro

Transport Services

Our company has own truck fleet with 35 trucks. Thanks to this we are able to guarantee flexibility and quick delivery according to our customers´ demands.

We are not dependent upon external logistics. Thanks to that we effective and flexible about delivery time and reliability.

The capacity of our trucks is 1 000 pieces of atypical pallets on average (it depends on pallet proportions) and about 750 pieces of euro pallets.

Dimensions of Our Trucks

Kamiony společnosti KLAUS Timber a.s. s přívěsem, tandemy.

Trucks All Around the Europe

KLAUS Timber trucks have about 3 mil. total mileage per year across Europe. We provide transport services for our products, pallets and wooden packaging containers, across the Czech Republic and also across Europe – for example Austria, Netherlands or Germany.

KLAUS Timber a. s. company provides product delivery across Europe
Expedice zboží vlastní kamionovou dopravou.

We plan transport of our products by own trucks very thoroughly. We can guarantee quick and top quality delivery and also customer service.



Other contacts

Licences, Euro Licences, Freight Insurance


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