The principles of the use of cookie files

The information on using the cookie files on these websites.

What are cookie files:

Due to continuous improvement of our websites, modern performance and comfortable operation our websites are using cookie files. These are small files which store the information in your browser. Thanks to such attitude particular visitors may be distinguished. However, upon this kind of information any specific user is not identified.

This way the cookies:

  • Help to support proper functionality of the website, which is aimed to finish the purchase or demand procedure, or to send a form
  • Thanks to these files you do not have to be logged in again;
  • Help to find out what sites are your favourite ones or where to adjust the websites to become as practicable as possible;
  • Help, if possible, to display the ads in such a manner which is not bothering you;

General information on cookies are available e.g. here
Information on Google cookies can be found here

What cookie files are used by our company:

Some cookie files in your browser are of a short-term nature, some of long-term nature, which results from the cookies settings or from the settings of your browser.

Cookie files work as follows, i.e. they are:

  • • Controversial; they analyse how the targets were met
  • • Tracking; they are used to understand better the controversial ones
  • • Remarketing; they are used to personalize advertisements
  • • Analytical; to understand better how our website is used
  • • Essential; targeted towards basic functionality of our website

Some cookie files are used by third parties. However, upon this information you cannot be specifically identified. This kind of data identify a visitor in general, not a particular person.

How to reject the use of cookies:

The cookies may be disabled using your internet browser. The use of such files is in vast majority of cases already pre-set as enabled in your default settings. You can also disable only some of cookie files.

The following sites describe a specific procedure:

Internet Explorer

We use cookies on this site

We measure, rate and cooperate with our partners (Google, Seznam, Heureka etc.) to provide you the best experience and offer.
Thank you for your agreement.

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