"Lets Catch the Thief"

Field day focused on prevention, knowledge and sports activities organized by the Nepomuk Elementary School and the Police of the Czech Republic, which took place on June 1, 2009 to celebrate the Childrens Day.

This new and untraditional project was brought to us by the Nepomuk Municipal Authority - the Social Services and Health Department represented by Mr. J. Smolik and Ms. P. Jarova. We liked the objective of this event from the beginning, therefore deciding to financially and materially sponsor it. We worked on the event itself in cooperation with the Nepomuk Elementary School and the Police of the Czech Republic. The Nepomuk Elementary School organized this event in cooperation with other organizations and authorities for their students to celebrate the Childrens Day. The co-organizers of this event invited us to the Childrens Day opening, where we received promotional material from the event sponsors and were introduced to the program of the event. Afterwards, nothing stood in the way of the field day kick off, and the little detectives set out to do their work. 

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