ABRA – order and system

Our production is supported by sophisticated and complex information systém ABRA Gen. How did the system develop, how does it work and how is it all connected?

The develompent

Our company constantly expanded and in 2012 we needed new system for production control and optimisation. We decided to create new software which could connect all production steps. We contacted ABRA Software company and the creation of our new system begun. ABRA company analyzed our production and also spoke to a head of production. During 2013 the development of the system begun and in 2014 we started to use it.

The system´s purpose

The system´s purpose is a control of raw material and produced pallets and also storage supplies. We get all information online and we also get automatic e-mails with complete reports. Thanks to ABRA we can optimize the production and save some money.

Other function of the system is better production managing and more accurate planning. Now we have current and accurate information about material supplies or a location of stacks. Every stack has a barcode and our workers have barcode scanner – through them they record information about stacks.

Main benefits of ABRA system:

  • Less administration paperwork
  • Elimination of errors during production and storage recording
  • Immediate information about storage supplies
  • Connection of all production processes
  • Accurate reports
  • Perfect production control

Constant progress

Software development is infinite process and even after 6 years we still have a lot to improve. We improve reporting constantly. We have new offering systém in ABRA and mobile app for quality control has been developed. Now we would like to include service storage supplies and we also would like to improve production planning.

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