Automatic pallet lines – the future of pallet production

What technologies do we use for pallet production? Among other things we use modern automatic pallet lines. Would you like to read more about them?

We have already talked about pallet production process – from timber sawing to product transport. Today we would like to talk about production technologies.

We use four different technologies for pallet production - pneumatic tools Bostitch and BeA, industrial robots, semi-automatic pallet machines and automatic pallet lines CAPE. Thanks to that we are flexible and effective. But lately we have a serious problem with a lack of human labour force. So latest trends lead up to larger automation of production. That´s why we invest to modern automatic pallet lines.

CAPE – quality guarantee

Pallet lines from spanish company CAPE are very popular in Europe and we have collaborated with them for many years. We like the drive, strong energy and constant progress of the company. We bought the first CAPE line in 2008 and today we own four lines – there are three lines in Dvorec and one in Kladrubce. CAPE Mach 1 and CAPE Mach 3 are two fresh technologies we have installed in the new production area in Dvorec in 2019.

Simply the best

Mach 1 is smaller fast line. It produces wooden decks and smaller pallets. It can produce up to 10 pallets per minute. It requires two workers on line and one forklift driver who takes produced pallets away and brings sawn timber.

Mach 3 is much larger. It is variable, sophisticated, it can produce most pallet types up to proportions 1,5x1,5 m and it can produce up to 8 pallets per minute. The line requires four workers on line and one forklift driver.

Production speed and user friendly control are two most important benefits of lines. Mach 3 offers fast changes of pallet types, which is very useful for us – the producer of mainly atypical pallets. It can produce even two pallet types at once. The line has got two industrial robots. Thanks to robots and all the automation, manual work is as minimized as possible.

Perfect software, great service

Software of lines tries to ease the work of our team. If the line is defected, the system immediately detect where a problem is, so it could be easily eliminated. Mach 3 has also got nail sensors. And changes from one pallet type to another are possible without any manual intervention – they can be controlled just by few simple buttons.


Pallet service and change and repair options are also great. Pallet software is connected with headquarters in Spain. From here spain engineers can help with diagnostics and repairs. Connection between CAPE company and their customers doesn´t end after buying their products. Their support continues in the long therm. And we are really greatful for that.


Photo: Dušan Skala

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