From a forest to you… How is a pallet born?

Would you like to know how a wooden pallet is made? A simple product comes from complex production process.

Wooden pallet is a very handy instrument for transport of goods. It´s made of a simple raw material and it serves clear purpose. But if we want a pallet with top quality, we need to follow precise production proces and we need to control every step. Thanks to our pallets goods are exported across the world and we are responsible for products. Would you like to know what our production proces is like?

It all begins in a forest

Wood logs are extracted in a forest. Then the logs are sawn on saws. We process wood in Drahkov where we saw logs and then we make sawn timber on STORTI ripping saw.

Production proces

We transport sawn timber to production areas in Dvorec and Kladrubce and then we use it for pallet production. We produce pallets through different technologies – automatic pallet lines CAPE (we have four lines, three in Dvorec and one in Kladrubce) with industrial robots FANUC, semi-automatic pallet machines K.Stroj and ATICA and pneumatic tools Bostitch and BeA.

Drying kilns

If our customers demand dry pallets, we dry them in drying kilns. We use energy eficient Mühlbock kilns. Usually we dry pallets up to 18% moisture or to 22% moisture if it´s an Euro pallet. We can also dry all pallets according to IPPC certificate by heating the product up to 56 °C for 30 minutes. Drying helps to improve pallet quality and eliminate pests.

Storages, quality control, transport

We mark finished pallets with barcodes and we put them into a storage. Thanks to barcodes we can watch pallets easily.

Quality control is very important – during whole production process and also before we ship finished pallets to customers. Our workers control regularly all pallets – nails, boards, misture etc. We try to eliminate as much later claims as possible. 

When pallets are alright and ready, the last step is transport to customers. We have our own truck fleet with more than 35 trucks and we deliver pallets across the Czech republic and also abroad. Thanks to own fleet we are not dependent upon external carriers. We are flexible and we can deliver the products according to customer´s requests.


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