Euro pallets

What are the specifics of standard Euro pallets?

Where did Euro pallets come from and how to recognize them?

Euro pallets are a favourite type of transport pallets. They came from Europe and they quickly became popular in the USA and today they are used all around the world. The first Euro pallet was produced in 1970s for railway industry and soon Euro pallets were used in many other departments.

International Union of Railways (UIC) determined strict standards od Euro pallet production and form. Euro pallets also have to designed and produced accordning to rules of European Pallet Association (EPAL). Signs EUR and EPAL burnt on pallets show that they are produced correctly.

Euro pallets have ISO certificate too (International Organization for Standardization). And we can also find a code of a specific producer on one of pallet blocks, so we can identify where a pallet came from. Only authorized companies can produce, sell and repair Euro pallets.

Main characteristics

Euro pallets are made of wood of different kinds of trees (spruce, oak, alder etc.). There are exactly 78 nails in exact positions. Euro pallets are for-way pallets – they can be grasped by handling machines from all four sides.


The surface of Euro pallets is 0,96 m² and their proportions are 0,96 1 200 x 800 x 144 mm (length x width x height). Dimensions are determined by EPAL standards and they have to be kept for maximal efficiency of goods transport.


Euro pallets´ weight is 20–24 kg. Their weight depends on the type of wood (for example spruce´s wood is lighter than oak´s wood) and moisture content of wood.

Load capacity

Maximal load capacity of euro pallets is 1 500 kg. It can be 2 000 kg, if the load is solid and even on the pallet area.

Reusable Euro pallets

Euro pallets are exchangeable and recyclable. After we use them we cen sold them – and they are used for another goods. There are many factors controlled during Euro pallets´ exchange. Reasons for a refusal of pallet´s reselling are for example missing nails or blocks, damaged boards, dirt or pallet´s repair made by unauthorized company.

Euro pallets´ price

Our company sells standard Euro pallets. If you would like to get more information or if you are interested in buying Euro pallets, please contact us. We will send you an offer according to your wishes.

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