Wooden pallet furniture

Wooden pallet furniture is so trendy lately. Let us inspire you with our tips and instructions for making a bed, a table, a chair or garden furniture.


What makes people happier than something the can make themselves? In past few years wooden pallet furniture has become more and more popular. This furniture is cheap, original and ecological alternative of industrial furniture. You can use your imagination and you can create so many things from garden chair and shelves to beautiful bed.

What pallet should you choose?

The most used type of pallet is Euro-pallet. It´s a standard reusable pallete and its proportions are 1200 x 800 x 144 mm. Would you like to know more about Euro-pallets? Click HERE. There are different kinds of europallets accordning to their quality – for example AV (top quality) or AB (a pallet with tiny defects).

If you want to use older used pallets, you should know their history and you shouldn´t underestimate their treatment, especially if pallets were used for food or chemicals transport. We recommend to not use for example rotten pallets.

Necessary tools

Before you start with pallet furniture making, we recommend to get following tools: sandpaper (or sander), impregnation, glaze (or paint) and a handsaw.

How to prepare pallets

See the following steps:

  1. Choose what piece of furniture you want to make and measure everything carefrully.
  2. Remove all exceeding nails of pallets.
  3. Use sander or sandpaper and polish wood to remove all splinters etc.
  4. Impregnate pallets
  5. Paint pallets with a paint or a glaze, if you want to keep wooden appearance. Some preparations are also usable for impregnation – in that case you can skip step 4.

What furniture can you make?

You can make various things. What about beautiful kingsize bed with backlights, garden benches, chairs and tables, kitchen shelves or cupboards? Wooden boxes can be transformed into nice storage boxes.

Don´t be afraid to start with pallet furniture even if you aren´t experienced in woodworking. If you would like to get any advice and help with your first product, you can visit a workshop focused on palletworking and woodworking.


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