Eurolicences for truck transport

Without a Eurolicence, we would not be able to operate an international truck service. Who grants this license, what does it contain, and what exactly does it authorise?

KLAUS Timber’s activities do not just involve producing wooden pallets, but also truck transport. We are not dependent on external carriers. Rather, we have our own fleet of vehicles, thanks to which we can dispatch our manufactured goods to their destination according to customer requirements. In addition, we offer both domestic and international trucking services and can transport any of your products wherever you wish.

We have a number of certificates and licenses that enable us to provide superior services and guarantee our reliability, flexibility and high-quality service. One of the documents we could not do without in international transport is a Eurolicence.

What is a Eurolicence and what it is for?

The Eurolicence is issued on the basis of Act No. 111/1994 Coll., on Road Transport, and directly applicable European Union regulation. Licences are issued by the Member States of the European Union pursuant to Regulations (EC) No 1072/2009 and (EC) No 1073/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council to entrepreneurs engaged in international freight transport and also in passenger transport by coach and bus. The licence authorises international transport by large vehicles and serves as a substitute for a foreign entry permit.

For whom is Eurolicence mandatory?

A Eurolicence for access to the market of the Member States of the European Union must be held by any entrepreneur operating “large vehicles”, i.e. vehicles or combinations of vehicles with a maximum authorised weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes, in the territory of those States when operated for the purpose of transporting animals and goods. A Eurolicence must also be held by anyone who carries more than nine people in large vehicles under the above conditions.

How to get a license?

Certain requirements must be met to obtain a license. The entrepreneur or company must have a good reputation, professional competence, and also the necessary financial resources. If these conditions are met, the subject submits an application to the competent transport authority and is issued with a licence after payment of the administrative fee. Its standard validity is up to 10 years. The Eurolicence of our company can be found on the website in the section Documents.

Photo: Dušan Skala

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